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Traders around the world follow the development of economic conditions in the United States in the closest details

The United States is the biggest economy in the world in terms of the GDP value, with China and Japan in the second and third places respectively. It is also one of the largest countries with a market-oriented economy, both in terms of geography and demographic conditions.

One of the main characteristics, in the case of this country, is the importance of the individual consumers as the driving factor of the United States and global economy. Populated by approx. 309 million people, with approx. 47’000 USD nominal GDP value per capita, the United States have immense influence on the economic situation in Europe and Asia and other regions.

It is considered to be the most technologically advanced economy in the world, with significant emphasis placed on the research and development, both in public and private sectors. In the United States companies and individuals have probably the greatest flexibility in terms of new product development, human resources management and what is very important from an economical point of view, possibilities to obtain capital. It is common in the United States that the priorities, in respect to the usage of national resources, are shifted in accordance with the requirements of the actual foreign policy. Frequent conflicts on the international stage, that involve the USA, engage the military sector of the industry, as well as increasing oil consumption. The typical result is rising oil prices and the USA, even though it is the third largest oil producer in the world, is the number one world oil importer.

Because the United States is a country with significant output in the world production, and the US dollar participates in approx. 85% of international currency transactions, many economical indicators are followed by traders and investors.