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Any investment bears a certain risk

Any parameter including performance of an investment instrument achieved in the past may not be considered as a guarantee or an indicator of its future development.

Value of any investment may both fall and rise; yield of the investment and also its return is not guaranteed.

Investment services provided by Synergy Capital (c), may not be misinterpreted or considered as an equivalent to bank deposit, collective investment, insurance or superannuation fund.

Investment instruments denominated in foreign currencies are subject to currency rate fluctuation risk, which can both negatively or positively influence their value, yields or other parameters.

Any information on or reference to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or any similar inland or foreign administrative authority or institution performing financial market supervision may not be considered or interpreted that such authority or institution guarantees yields or return of an investment or investment service or that it recommends any specific investment.

Please also read carefully the Risk declaration, where are described the risks related with investment services offered.