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How can I add events to the chart from the economic calendar?
Economic events that may affect the price of the financial instrument can be added to the bottom of the chart in the form of of flags. You can do it by using the right mouse click in the Toolbox window in the section Calendar and selecting the Show on Charts/Add All Events.

How can I determine the current rate swap points?
The swap points of the financial instrument at any time can be displayed in the Market Watch window with the right mouse click and selecting "Specification"

How can I find the current trading time on the financial instrument?
Time of the last trade can be found in the last column in the Market Watch. If the column is not in the window active, it must be displayed using the right mouse click and selecting Columns/Time.

How can I find the size of open positions in the currency?
The size of the open positions of the participating currencies can be found in the Toolbox window in section Exposure including a graphic expression.

How can I modify the settings windows and toolbars of the trading application?
The basic look of trading terminal can be adjusted with selecting View from the top menu and selecting the necessary windows and toolbars.

How can I set a price alert in the trading application?
Price Alerts can be set in the Toolbox window in the section Alerts by using the right mouse click and select Create. Then you can set the criteria for new alert.

How can I set the language in a trading application?
Language can be selected using the top menu in the View/Languages.

How it is possible to change the background of the chart?
The modification of the chart background is possible with pressing right-mouse button on the chart, choosing the Properties option from the context menu and then colors from the new window.

What are the Automatic Trading and Strategy?
These functions may use more advanced users who are able to use the software offered with programming options to create own indicators, scripts, or strategies that can be then used for automated trading.

Where can I find all actions that have been made in the trading application?
All events relating to trading and actions in the MetaTrader 4 can be found in the window Toolbox in section Journal. It is possible also generate here events of all the day including the historic days. You can see this report by using the right mouse click in the window and selecting Open where you can find these reports day by day.

Where can I get advice about all trading application MetaTrader 4?
Get Help (in English) can be done either by pressing the F1 key, o rit can be in the topmenu, select Help/Help Topics.

Where can I see in trading application free cash that can be transferred to a personal account?
Free cash represents the Free margin, which can be found in the Toolbox window in section Trade at the bottom of the trading platform.

Where you can see the size of the spread (range quotations) of the financial instrument?
Spread can be seen in the window Market Watch in the column Spread. The spread is fixed and is different for different financial instruments. If the spread column is not active in the window, it must be displayed using the right mouse click and selecting Columns/Spread.

Who is responsible for administration and MetaTrader 4 application development ?
Trading application MetaTrader 4 was created by our partner company MetaQuotes Software for its system management and development we participate together.