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A short position is something connected with the time horizon of the investment? Or not?
The common mistake is to associate the term „short position” with the time horizon of the transaction. While this can be misleading, it is important to remember that the “short position” refers to the direction of the trade - selling the asset first and then gaining profits when a market falls, losing when the opposite happens.

How can I check the current swap points rates?
The swap points rates are published in the form of a table on our website in the Regulations section. Moreover, they can be displayed in the properties of each of the financial instruments available on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform (right-mouse-button on the Market Watch window and then option "Properties”).

How can I protect my open position against an unpredictable loss?
Stop loss and limit orders offer the possibility to protect open positions against unfavourable market action.

How does the financial leverage work?
The financial leverage allows one to conclude transactions with relatively high nominal values, upon the condition of providing limited funds as collateral.

How to display all of the instruments available on the trading platform?
All instruments available on the MetaTrader 4 platform can be displayed by clicking the right-mouse-button anywhere within the Market Watch window, and choosing the "Show all” option from the context menu.

I have an open position in commodities or stock exchange indices, and there is an unusually high amount of swap points charged
Most probably in such a case where a rollover procedure has occurred. A rollover is the process of change of the underlying futures series for the CFD instrument. It occur, as some of the CFD instruments are typically based on the most liquid futures contracts series, that expire from time to time. The procedure is neutral for the clients, as it does not change the financial result of the whole transaction.

Is the demo account free of charge?
Demo accounts are available free of charge and it is strongly recommended to use them extensively for the purposes of education about the financial markets.

What are swap points?
Swap points are the value charged or credited in respect to open positions on CFDs instruments held overnight. They reflect the difference between the interest rates and other costs associated between a pair of currencies or other assets.

What is spread?
Spread is a difference between the Bid and Ask price. The spread is measured in points. As a rule, the most popular markets have also the lowest spreads, due to the high liquidity caused by the interest of the investors.

What is the Contract for Difference?
The Contract for Difference (also called CFD) is a financial instrument traded on the Over the Counter market, based upon the assets such as currencies or commodities. The Contract for Difference gives the same financial opportunities and risks, as if one in fact has owned the underlying asset – with exception are voting rights in the case of shares.

What is the difference between stock exchange markets and CFD instruments that you offer?
There are several differences between Contracts for Difference and the stock exchange instruments, as CFDs are traded on the decentralised Over The Counter markets. Some of them are traded even 24 hours per day, as is the case of the currencies constituting the forex market.

What type of markets can I trade with Synergy Capital
Contracts for Difference are flexible in respect to the underlying markets that are available to the traders. Be it euro quoted in US dollars or some other currency, gold, oil and other commodities or some stock exchange index. When using CFDs, it is possible to trade all of them from the same trading platform provided by Synergy Capital